Paint It Black

An evening of dark films and videos. Optical printing and video manipulation create dense layers of nausea. Meditations on media and culture. The use of technology for subversive purposes. Dis-ease.

On: location

Films about places and site-specific actions, investigations and de-constructions. “Astria Suparak has cleverly curated a program of films that focus on landscapes and cityscapes.” – The Village Voice


Conceptual, performance-based and seminal videotapes from the 1970s with an emphasis on language, contrasted by recent work by Zhuang Huan, who does radical, often painful actions in silence.

Other Screenings at Pratt

The Pratt Film Series was a weekly program dedicated to showing work not easily accessible to the public and to forging ties across disciplines including performance, music, painting, sculpture, animation, theater, and architecture. Over the course of three years, Suparak presented work from 18 countries, spanning nearly the history of cinema, as well as hosted guest filmmakers and performers, traveling film and music festivals, and collaborations with other New York City venues.