RES profile on Suparak: “Programmed to Stun”

“What she really wanted to do was blow the minds of viewers with unctuous erotica, politically motivated old school avant-garde retorts, hyperbolic tales, and, well, all the great stuff that hardly anybody shows anymore, much less puts together with loving attention to aesthetic nuance and fertile, thematic collision. Noting that part of her project entails seducing viewers to witness unconventional works, she also helps foment a network of artists and like-minded exhibitors.”

Dirges and Sturgeons poster


YACHT: Young Artists Challenge High Technology (for a Total eclipse of the heart). These new videos from America and Europe have tying threads of: the use of high (?) technology or the idea of “future” in a lo fi way, dopplegang/replication, instant nostalgia as the residue of planned obsolescence, states of limbo. High and low (fidelity and culture).