Energy Transformation in Modern Cinematography

Energy Transformation in Modern Cinematography

Curated by Astria Suparak
For Pratt Film Series
@ Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
September 15, 1999

Recent experimental films from The Netherlands and Austria.


1. HKG, Gerard Holthuis (The Netherlands), 1999, 15 min.
Music by David Byrne. While landing at the Hong Kong Airport (located in the heart of the city), you can read the newspapers on the street, many travelers have reported. Airplanes become mysterious chrome creatures.

2. Film ist., Gustav Deutsch (Austria), 1998, 16mm, 60 min.
East Coast Premier! This beautiful, extraordinarily edited “Film ist.” consists almost entirely of excerpts from various scientific and educational films. These films are about the acrobatic flights of pigeons, the intelligence testing of apes, stereoscopic vision, hurricanes and impact waves in the air. They depict paper projectiles penetrating bubbles of air and bullets passing through ostrich eggs. The viewer can sense the singular poetry of scientific film which often makes use of “experimental” editing techniques: extreme slow or fast motion, perforation of the film material, telescopic and microscopic shots, solarization and x-rays. The way in which the parts are organized in a sequence and a rhythm is reminiscent of modern poetry or the photographs of the artist John Baldessari.