Curated by Astria Suparak
For Pratt Film Series
@ Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
March 31, 1999


Calder’s Circus, Carlos Vilardebó, 1961, film on video, 19 min.
See Alexander Calder play with his circus sculptures. In his mid-20s Calder made illustrations in a New York journal for Barnum & Bailey’s Circus. In Paris, 1927, he created the miniature circus which is now on display at The Whitney Museum.

Rhyme ‘Em To Death, The Wooster Group, 1993, b/w, video, 10:33.
Reconstructs the trial from Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame from a new perspective, that of the minor character of the goat (a postscript in the novel). The Group used 15th century trial transcripts in which animals were persecuted as witches.

A Walk Through H, Peter Greenaway, 1978, 16mm, subtitled, 41 min.
“The Reincarnation of an Ornithologist.” Records an extraordinary symbolic journey through a mysterious bird-filled country.