Paint It Black


Curated by Astria Suparak
For Pratt Film Series
@ Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
October 27, 1999

An evening of dark films and videos from New York, San Francisco, and Europe. Optical printing and video manipulation create dense layers of nausea. Meditations on media and culture. The use of technology for subversive purposes. Dis-ease.


1. The Bureau of Inverse Technology, “Suicide Box,” 1996, 13 min., video.

2. Solaris, Aaron Scott, 9 min., video, silent.

3. Camp, Yvette Brackman, 1998, 6 min, video.

4. Wrong Place, Wrong Time, Laura Parnes, 1998, 5 min., video.

5. Audience, Eric Heist, 1997, 6 min. excerpt from 30 min. loop, video.

6. He Would Have Loved Me To Death, Mark Taylor, 1993, 10 min.

7. Prelude: Final Exit, Aaron Scott, 16mm, 6 min., b/w.

8. Pensao Globo, Matthias Mueller, 1997, 14 min. 16mm.