WINTER LIGHT screening

Winter Light revels in the fleeting aesthetics of winter, presenting works that document ice melting, crystals forming, stars twinkling, birds migrating, surreal dreaming, the loss of consciousness and the warmth of a flame.

Let's get tested


Playfully adapting public space into personal games, these makers look at architecture, videogames, biology, schoolwork, history and even their own memories with fresh eyes and twitchy fingers. Often sincere, sometimes willfully naive, they project a new optimism and the ability to self-amuse and re-imagine.

"Triumf" by Seth Price


These works are brazenly aware of their own representation, those fake gestures symbolizing love, and the self-proclaimed identity of Art. On the other hand, this is a Science Fair. We’re interested in breeding and practicing our (dance) moves until perfection is reached, and by golly you’re either with us or against us. Young people, always forward!