Fanzine feature on Come On and controversy

“The fact is that Suparak did curate contextually strong exhibitions. This is why she had a following. This is why the Warehouse was widely hailed as a success… Suparak was exceedingly capable of creating a context for challenging and new work.”

Canadian Art review of Faux Naturel

“Given my prejudices, I found Faux Naturel – a group show celebrating some of the many wonderful ways artists have contrived to recreate woodland splendours, but without all the mucky bits – just my kind of walk in the park… Faux Naturel reminded the sensible viewer (and me) that, exotic and mysterious as nature may be, it’s best left to its own devices.”

Post-Standard reviews Come On

“Provocative, original work that is sure to grab your attention and occasionally push you to the edge of discomfort… For some, it takes a shock to light the fires of contemplation.”

WINTER LIGHT screening

Winter Light revels in the fleeting aesthetics of winter, presenting works that document ice melting, crystals forming, stars twinkling, birds migrating, surreal dreaming, the loss of consciousness and the warmth of a flame.


A full-scale graph / “mountain range” mural charting the snowfall in Syracuse over the last half century, and mounds of deicers which “melted” as winter outside progressed and visitors inside took away samples.


Interactive project inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s readymade “In Advance of the Broken Arm.” As a munificent reversal of this historic Dadaist work, the display is rendered useful again, allowing visitors to borrow the commercially made tools from an art gallery in the deepest winter months.

Faux Naturel postcard; image: detail from "Space Garden" by Annie MacDonell


These artists explore the territory delineated by the destruction of the natural world, with all its attendant themes. Entropy, redemption, apocalypse, the temptations of commercial culture, and the relationship between science and magic all emerge as motifs in this exhibition.