C Magazine feature on Suparak’s curatorial practice


The Politics of Cool:
Why the curatorial practice of Astria Suparak,
late of The Warehouse Gallery in Syracuse,
was deemed so controversial in that city

Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby
Issue 96, Winter 2007


“I am suspicious when cool is used to stand for political radicalism or moral utility. But what Suparak has done for me is to restore my sense that cool can work as a powerful rhetorical device. Because, as Miranda July pointed out almost 10 years ago, Suparak curates to empower those who feel less than powerful. Her practice is remarkable partly because, although she speaks in the vernacular of the DIY culture on which she cut her teeth, the exhibitions and programs she puts together speak about a range of issues, and her sense of social justice is comprehensive and critical. She uses her personal voice and her institutional power to give permission to speak to those who might not have believed they had it.”


Read more about Suparak’s programming at The Warehouse Gallery.