Interview with Allyson Mitchell

Astria Suparak
QUEER THREADS: Crafting Identity and Community

“On a good day, I see the use of humor in art as an empowered strategy. It works as a kind of seduction to pull folks together into a collective experience, to engage, to get the joke, to feel intelligent. But jokes are usually a bizarre, ‘softer’ way to tell the truth with a smile or a snort. On a bad day, the ‘joke’ can feel like an attempt to over-accommodate misogynists, lesbophobes, or sexophobes. The humor can feel like a kind of self-loathing through clown tactics that makes haters feel comfortable.” – Allyson Mitchell speaking to Astria Suparak in Queer Threads

Queer Threads: Crafting Identity and Community spotlights an international, intergenerational, intersectional mix of thirty artists who are remixing fiber craft traditions, such as crochet, embroidery, quilting, and sewing, while reconsidering the binaries of art and craft, masculine and feminine, and gay and straight.

Designed by Todd Oldham and edited by John Chaich, this 192-page, hardcover, 8 x 10-inch book features full-color spreads of each artist’s work, along with intimate details of selections and artist studios.

To further examine how queerness informs their work in fiber and textiles, or vice versa, the artists are interviewed by makers and thinkers from the worlds of dance, design, fashion, media, music, museums, scholarship, and more—many members of the LGBTQ community themselves, and otherwise passionate allies.

Queer Threads is not just an exploration of fiber art and crafts, but also a celebration of the creativity, diversity, and vibrancy of contemporary queer culture.

Contributors include:
Nayland Blake, Justin Vivian Bond, Julia Bryan-Wilson, Nick Cave, Liz Collins, Michael Cunningham, Josh Faught, Mondo Guerra, Tim Gunn, Harmony Hammond, Kathleen Hanna, Bill T. Jones, Larry Krone, Glenn Ligon, Allyson Mitchell, Sheila Pepe, Jeighdie Samson, Lowery Stokes Sims, Debbie Stoller, Astria Suparak, Mickalene Thomas, Jeanne Vaccaro



QUEER THREADS: Crafting Identity and Community
Editor: John Chaich
Designer: Todd Oldham
Publisher: AMMO Books, Los Angeles

Hardcover | 8 x 10 inches | 192 pages
9781623261054 | MARCH 2017

To order: http://www.ammobooks.com/products/queerthreads

2018 Stonewall Book Award – Israel Fishman Non-Fiction Award by the American Library Association
2018 Lambda Literary LGBTQ Non-Fiction Finalist




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