Cover of HALF-FANCY, HALF-JUNGLE by Astria Suparak


Astria Suparak
Published and designed by Margaret Tedesco / 2nd Floor Projects, San Francisco
Publication Date: September 2017. Exhibitions through 2020.

An illustrated experimental essay on authenticity, postmemory, appropriation, and racial and ethnic identity (and recent cases in the art world and beyond that have elucidated related issues).

HALF-FANCY, HALF-JUNGLE is an editioned chapbook commissioned by Margaret Tedesco / 2nd floor projects.



Publisher: Margaret Tedesco / 2nd Floor Projects (San Francisco)
Publication Date: September 2017

Trim size: 11″ x 7″ inches
Extent: 10 color pages

To purchase: Email Margaret Tedesco at projects2ndfloor (at) outlook.com



Frank Haines, Jerry the Marble Faun, Astria Suparak, curated by Margaret Tedesco / 2nd Floor Projects, Luggage Store Annex, San Francisco, Sept. 8 – Oct. 14, 2017 — Extended to Oct. 27.

Printed Publics: Contemporary Art & Design Publishing in the Bay Area, organized by David Senior, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Dec. 7, 2019 – July 2020.

“Central to the idea of publication – literally embedded in the word – is a ‘public,’ and Printed Publics examines publishing as a means of community building, information sharing, and collaboration. For these projects, publishers necessarily develop creative, informal methods for small-scale distribution, and this kind of commerce is part of the work.”




“Defining the role art has to play in the midst of national, social and political upheaval is a task for more robust minds, with fewer deadlines on their hands. But in my survey of the Bay Area’s fall season, it’s heartening to see many institutions grappling with the same questions, along with local artists getting major museum love and artistic reminders of hope coming to the fore.

“The venerable artist-run gallery 2nd floor projects isn’t one for fanfare. Exhibitions don’t have titles, two to three artists hang alongside one another without complicated curatorial conceits, a limited edition chapbook accompanies each show. But fanfare or not, 2nd floor projects is 10 years old, and in typical understated fashion, is ‘simply marking’ that nice round number with an offsite pop-up show. New York-based artists Frank Haines and Jerry the Marble Faun promise works in stained glass and marble, respectively, and Astria Suparak, co-curator of YBCA’s 2014 exhibition Alien She, provides this show’s batch of finely wrought words.”
– Sarah Hotchkiss, “Hope Comes to the Fore: 6 Visual Art Shows to See This Fall,” Aug. 30, 2017