Art Papers reviews Whatever It Takes


Whatever It Takes

Curt Riegelnegg
Art Papers
Jan./Feb. 2011
p. 55


Suparak and Rubin curate gingerly – with preservationist care – framing without straining to deconstruct the insular and heartfelt peculiarities of Steelers culture. The gallery mediates a sort of creative sublimation of fandom, with its inimitable rawness and verve.

Significantly, most of the exhibition’s coverage has been published outside the arts sections… Whatever It Takes is no more a valentine to fans than it is a forum for necessarily good art to be viewed.

The effectiveness of the show, after all, hinges on the modification of conventional judgements, event by contemporary standards, and the re-assertion of things like passion, relevance, and solidarity. In the City of Champions, different rules apply.

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