Newcity Review of Keep It Slick

“Most of all, the exhibition, titled Keep It Slick, is hands-on and human-sized enough to encourage all of us to be Yes Men, which may be the biggest lesson this show has to offer: we can be agents of positive social change, and Keep It Slick is a beginners manual.”

Texas Observer on Keep It Slick

“Keep It Slick features video of the group’s elaborate agitprop gags, manipulated newspaper headlines and fast-food logos, and interactive ‘conference rooms’ where visitors can read the script of a ‘real’ Yes Men hoax.”

Artforum Critic’s Pick of Keep It Slick

“The Yes Men’s ability to seamlessly blend with and subvert corporate identities engages the public to envision a more just world of commercial and governmental responsibility… The logic behind ‘Keep It Slick’ runs contrary to most exhibitions. Instead of affirming the artists’ originality or craftsmanship, this show is intended to motivate ordinary citizens to themselves become Yes Men through DIY activism and infiltration.”

Art Papers reviews Keep It Slick

“A timely acknowledgment of the work of Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum, two of the great social satirists of our time… The exhibition’s pointed installation hits it just right. Rather than mold The Yes Men’s activist artwork into a discreet, restrained presentation, Suparak gets into its spirit—both its serious underbelly and its consciously foppish exterior”

Rhizome interviews Suparak

“Your style of independent curating was noticeably different: your interest in emerging artists, non-traditional exhibition spaces and video and media art set you apart.”

Fanzine feature on Come On and controversy

“The fact is that Suparak did curate contextually strong exhibitions. This is why she had a following. This is why the Warehouse was widely hailed as a success… Suparak was exceedingly capable of creating a context for challenging and new work.”

Canadian Art review of Faux Naturel

“Given my prejudices, I found Faux Naturel – a group show celebrating some of the many wonderful ways artists have contrived to recreate woodland splendours, but without all the mucky bits – just my kind of walk in the park… Faux Naturel reminded the sensible viewer (and me) that, exotic and mysterious as nature may be, it’s best left to its own devices.”

Post-Standard reviews Come On

“Provocative, original work that is sure to grab your attention and occasionally push you to the edge of discomfort… For some, it takes a shock to light the fires of contemplation.”