KCET on Alien She

“Alien She is a testament to the power of young people motivated to spreading a message. It also reflects how artists evolve after discovering their power in the midst of a large, international youth movement.”

SF Chronicle review of Alien She

“This complex exhibition, one of the best this year, explores the Riot Grrrl feminist movement…, some of the key artists it spawned and the technological arc of 20-plus years of radical artworks.”

Art Papers review of Alien She

“Through this broad focus on community, channeled and multiplied through a diversity of accessible communicative media, Alien She asserts that Riot Grrrl’s power is very much in the present.”

Pitt News

Pitt News review of Alien She

“Alien She captures the irrepressible legacy of riot grrrl and avoids reverting to a nostalgic reflection on better days. Instead, it uses the movement as a platform from which a new generation can explore the feminist and queer issues”