Canadian Art review of Faux Naturel

“Given my prejudices, I found Faux Naturel – a group show celebrating some of the many wonderful ways artists have contrived to recreate woodland splendours, but without all the mucky bits – just my kind of walk in the park… Faux Naturel reminded the sensible viewer (and me) that, exotic and mysterious as nature may be, it’s best left to its own devices.”

Post-Standard reviews Come On

“Provocative, original work that is sure to grab your attention and occasionally push you to the edge of discomfort… For some, it takes a shock to light the fires of contemplation.”

Artforum on LTTR

“the contents of the journals do not conform easily to categories, and often blur the lines between art, criticism, and fiction… it is always a finely wrought object.”

Video Pool reviews Let’s Get Tested

“Astria Suparak’s performance […] brilliantly set up the themes of the program. Let’s Get Tested explores the schism between the methodology of science and foible-filled humanness. For the most part, the tapes affirm the value of the ineffable and the elusive: immeasurable phenomena such as playfulness and pleasure. […] Let’s hope that Suparak continues with her zealotry, criss-crossing the globe as a present-day video prophet”

RES profile on Suparak: “Programmed to Stun”

“What she really wanted to do was blow the minds of viewers with unctuous erotica, politically motivated old school avant-garde retorts, hyperbolic tales, and, well, all the great stuff that hardly anybody shows anymore, much less puts together with loving attention to aesthetic nuance and fertile, thematic collision. Noting that part of her project entails seducing viewers to witness unconventional works, she also helps foment a network of artists and like-minded exhibitors.”

Telerama feature on microcinemas and Suparak

“A l’avant-garde de cette scène bouillonnante s’imposent des figures hybrides, comme la jeune et jolie Astria Suparak. Pour les programmes de courts métrages ou de vidéos qu’elle choisit et assemble, la New-Yorkaise de Brooklyn va chercher le public là où il se trouve, dans les musées ou dans les clubs, les cafés ou les discothèques.”

The Independent profile on Suparak: “A New Romantic T.V. Sound”

“At age twenty-four Astria has curated all over the U.S. and Europe, testing out new programs at NY’s best venues and then touring with them like a kid with a band. She comes to you: museums and galleries, universities, independent/underground film festivals and micro-cinemas, as well as public places like bars, community centers, and living rooms.” – Miranda July

Kurtzfilmmagazin on Dirges & Sturgeons

“Following the resounding success of her programme at the Anthology Film Archives (NYC), curator Astria Suparak is now taking Dirges and Sturgeons on a tour of five American cities. In New York the programme… received accolades from both filmmakers and the press.”

Chicago Reader on Broken Music

“New York film curator Astria Suparak assembled this wonderful program of videos on experimental music in which a variety of artists put familiar instruments and objects to unusual uses, showing that the seen world is alive with sonic possibilities.”

Other Screenings at Pratt

The Pratt Film Series was a weekly program dedicated to showing work not easily accessible to the public and to forging ties across disciplines including performance, music, painting, sculpture, animation, theater, and architecture. Over the course of three years, Suparak presented work from 18 countries, spanning nearly the history of cinema, as well as hosted guest filmmakers and performers, traveling film and music festivals, and collaborations with other New York City venues.