The Independent reviews Keep In Touch!

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When They’re Bad, They’re Better:
The 9th New York Underground Film Festival

Ioannis Mookas
The Independent Film & Video Magazine



Several of NYUFF’s most appealing shows were produced by guest curators like… “Keep In Touch“, curated by Astria Suparak and Lauren Cornell, featured such highlights as Jacqueline Goss’s THE 100TH UNDONE, a whip-smart, unsettling and oddly touching reflection on the genome, cloning advances, and the “post-human” future. Seth Price’s hilarious TRIUMF deflates American frontier mythology and macho bluster with an inspired rant, while its picture-perfect autumnal tableau sports the most vivid foliage to be found this side of a Sirk melodrama. Other selections by Leslie Thornton, Stephanie Barber, and Zakery Weiss attested to the curators’ gossamer touch with heavyweight artists and themes.”



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