A lexicon of neologisms coining new words for a new age, one marked by advances in omnipresent technology and mass surveillance; a privatization of art, culture, and education; as well as a continued struggle with intersectional issues.


A full-scale graph / “mountain range” mural charting the snowfall in Syracuse over the last half century, and mounds of deicers which “melted” as winter outside progressed and visitors inside took away samples.


Interactive project inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s readymade “In Advance of the Broken Arm.” As a munificent reversal of this historic Dadaist work, the display is rendered useful again, allowing visitors to borrow the commercially made tools from an art gallery in the deepest winter months.

Video Pool reviews Let’s Get Tested

“Astria Suparak’s performance […] brilliantly set up the themes of the program. Let’s Get Tested explores the schism between the methodology of science and foible-filled humanness. For the most part, the tapes affirm the value of the ineffable and the elusive: immeasurable phenomena such as playfulness and pleasure. […] Let’s hope that Suparak continues with her zealotry, criss-crossing the globe as a present-day video prophet”