MONDAY Art Journal: Lux Aeterna

Monday-journal_back-and-front_photo-Jueqian Fang
MONDAY Journal: Lux Aeterna. Photo by Jueqian Fang.

MONDAY Art Journal: Lux Aeterna

Paperback, 190 pages, 8 x 5.25 inches
Editor: Emily Zimmerman
Publisher: Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle, WA
Release date: February 2022

MONDAY Art Journal Vol. 6 extends the themes and inquiries of the 2021 exhibition Lux Aeterna, considering how technological, economic, and cultural forces shape the ways we produce, share, and experience media — and how that media in turn influences our values and aesthetics.

MONDAY presents experiments in arts writing that invites readers to imagine future forms of criticism. The contributors have in common an expansive approach to their writing. Their subjects extend beyond fine arts to include performance, manifestos — all manner of cultural expression. Published by the Jacob Lawrence Gallery at the University of Washington, MONDAY seeks to be both accessible and rigorous, and above all to remind us that approach to cultural criticism can be as heterogeneous as the themes it addresses.


Contributors: James Bridle, Vic Brooks, Lauren Berliner + Berette S Macaulay, Radio Amatrices, Robin Oppenheimer, Norie Sato, Hito Steyerl, Charles Stobbs III, Studio for Propositional Cinema, Astria Suparak


MONDAY_Tropicollage_by-Suparak_spread5_Total-Recall_The-Running-Man (on side)
Excerpt from Tropicollage by Astria Suparak, page spread rotated 90 degrees.


People of color are the global majority and within a couple decades the tropics will be home to more than half of the world’s population. Yet white science fiction filmmakers and television creators insist on creating protagonists from a white minority who sojourn to a distant, tropical paradise centuries and millennia into the future.

MONDAY Art Journal: Lux Aeterna  includes Astria Suparak’s full color, 10-page visual essay Tropicollage, based on the video of the same name. This project is part of Suparak’s multipart research series which includes videos, collages, presentations, installations, essays, and other creative projects.



3. NWFF_MONDAY-journal-launch_22Feb2022


Feb 22, 2022, 7pm PST @ Northwest Film Forum, Seattle
Sliding-scale, pay-what-you-can

Launch event for MONDAY: Lux Aeterna with screening of Martine Syms’s film Incense Sweaters & Ice, a feature film inspired by the idea that anything one does while being watched is a performance.