Curated by Astria Suparak
For Pratt Film Series, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
April 5, 2000


1. Cloi sonne, Clara Felding (Germany), 1985, video, 3:06
2. Punkt rot flieger punkt rot, H. Rottweiler (Germany), 1986, video, 2:50
3. Schleifen, ? (Germany), video, 3:02
4. Konvolut, H. Troppmann (Germany), 1986, video, 2:40
5. Futux, MakXs, 1984 (Germany), video, 6:00
6. Elementarfilm, MakXs (Germany), 1985, video, 2:40
Rarely seen optical work from the German collective SELEKTION (including Achim Wollscheid of SBOTHI and P16.D4, Markus Caspers, Horst Maus, Ralph Wehowsky aka RLW).

7. Winter Wheat, Mark Street (USA), 1989, film, 8 min.

8. Echo Echo, Robert Attanasio (USA), 1976, film, 5 min.

9. Lightsource, Robert Attanasio (USA), 1979, 16mm, 2:45 min.

10. Shepherd’s Bush, Mike Leggett, 1971, film, 15.5 min.

11. Siberia, Fitzgerald & Sanborn, 1982, video. 3:35 min.
12. The Long Island, Fitzgerald & Sanborn, 1982, video.  2:35 min.
13. Ear to the Ground, Fitzgerald & Sanborn, video. 4:30 min.

Video artists Kit Fitzgerald and John Sanborn collaborated with avant-garde musicians in the early 1980s. Some of these works are experimental music videos for the New Wave band Love of Life Orchestra and “Ear to the Ground” (in which Downtown percussionist David van Tieghem uses the surfaces of Manhattan as a musical instrument).

14. Soundings, Gary Hill (USA), 1979, video, 13 min. excerpt from 28 min.
In “Soundings” a series of “processual rituals” ends with a text from the found object of a loudspeaker describing its electronic, changing state as a relationship with the viewer. As Hill speaks about touch and sound in an extrapolated monologue he buries the speaker in sand, sets it on fire, drives a spike through it, and pours waters into it.