Dark Into Dark

Still from “Dark Into Dark” by Charlemagne Palestine.
Still from “Dark Into Dark” by Charlemagne Palestine.

Dark Into Dark

Curated by Astria Suparak
For Pratt Film Series, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY
March 15, 2000


1. Pryings, Vito Acconci/Kathy Dillon, 1971, 17 min.
A graphic exploration of the physical and psychological dynamics of male/female interaction; a study in control, violation and resistance. The body is a vehicle for a literal enactment of the desire for and resistance against intimate contact.

2. Running Outburst, Charlemagne Palestine, 1975, 6 min.

3. Internal Tantrum, Charlemagne Palestine, 1975, 5:30 min.

4. Dark Into Dark, Charlemagne Palestine, 1979, 19 min.
Rarely seen psychodramatic videos from Palestine. “Movement and sound, as they relate to the body and the voice, are the vehicles through which Palestine expels internal energy.” Through the use of video as an extension of the body, the viewer is both participant and voyeur.

5. Grand Mal, Tony Oursler, 1981, 22 min.
A sinister fable of postmodern cultural malaise. His fantastic theater of the absurd creates an eerie sense of displacement and disorientation. – EAI catalogue



“Video is used by Vito Acconci, Charlemagne Palestine, and Tony Oursler as a medium for investigating and exhibiting obsession, trauma, and need for control. Prying, a collaboration between Acconci and Kathy Dillon, discloses the scary, sadomasochistic dynamics of an intimate relationship.”
– Amy Taubin