KCET on Alien She

KCET on Alien She

Alien She: Spotlighting the History and Influence of Riot Grrrl

Liz Ohanesian
KCET: Artbound
April 9, 2015



Alien She” is a testament to the power of young people motivated to spreading a message. It also reflects how artists evolve after discovering their power in the midst of a large, international youth movement. For the curators, there are personal aspects to the show.

“Riot Grrrl instilled within me the idea that if you’re not seeing yourself represented in your community or in popular culture, or your interests and values reflected, then one of the things you can do is to create your own version of whatever it is you want to, or need to, see,” writes Suparak, who is currently based in Montreal, in an email. Suparak says that her work as a curator is related to her connection to Riot Grrrl. “I see curating as a creative practice and a platform for artists and projects, ideas and politics that I believe in. And curators can make important choices about under-representation,” she writes. “They can bring new audiences to these works and ways of thinking.”


Just as feminism is still necessary, so is Riot Grrrl, which makes “Alien She” as relevant now as the movement was when it started.


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